Newcastle Teams Kookaburra and Bradman Cups

Cricket Newcastle Regional Academy head coach Tommy Anderson together with CNSW Coach and Talent ID specialist Brett Rankin and Kookaburra Cup Team head coach Shane Burley have selected the following players for the 2017-18 Kookaburra Cup to be played in Armidale from Monday 8th to Thursday 11th January and 2017-18 Bradman Cup to be played in Bathurst from Monday 15th  to Thursday 18th  January.


The selected Kookaburra Cup squad is:


  1. Ben Plowman
  2. Cooper Southam
  3. Dan Williams
  4. Finlay Thornton
  5. Flynn Guest
  6. Olly Latter
  7. Pat Holding
  8. Tomas Conaghan
  9. Vashisht Jain
  10. Wil Anson
  11. Milan Lambert
  12. Bailey Creer
  13. Joey Gillard


Head coach: Shane Burley

Assistant Coach: Jed Dickson


The selected Bradman Cup squad is:


  1. Mitchell Lole
  2. Toby Gray
  3. Joel Burrow
  4. Kain Anderson
  5. Joshua Hardy
  6. Tamas Murphy
  7. Ned Twelvetree
  8. Nathan Hillier
  9. Edan Brichta
  10. Cooper Lennox
  11. Zane Pearce
  12. Ethan Jekot
  13. Angus McTaggart


Co-coaches: Tommy Anderson

David Somerville